Boosted Pods

Introducing Boosted Pods, the epitome of vaping perfection! Each pack contains 3 S-compatible pods, boasting a generous 2ml e-liquid capacity filled with top-notch 20mg S50 Synthetic Salt Nicotine e-juice. Experience near-perfection with these leak-resistant pods, offering the finest flavors in the vaping industry. What sets Boosted Pods apart is their proprietary synthetic blend, delivering a remarkable 50-like hit with the 20mg strength. Prepare for more satisfaction and an intensified throat hit that surpasses expectations.

Boosted Pods redefine your vaping journey with S50 Synthetic Nicotine, providing an exceptional 20mg Nicotine Salt E-liquid experience in each 2ml pod. Elevate your vaping to a whole new level with Boosted Pods, designed for maximum pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.

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