Discover the epitome of vaping excellence with the Stlth Vape, reigning as Canada's best-selling closed pod system. Embrace the ultimate stealth vape experience with this compact, reliable, and user-friendly pod system. While non-refillable, it offers an extensive array of flavors that deliver remarkable value. We presents an unparalleled selection of 300+ Stlth pods in Canada, including the original Stlth, Stlth X, and compatible brands. Our top five Stlth pod flavors - Honeydew Menthol, Berry Blast, Frost, Mango, and Crisp Apple - are a testament to the diverse choices available.

All Stlth pods boast 20mg salt nicotine, with some offering 0mg (nicotine-free) and BOLD options. The proprietary BOLD nicotine mix delivers a robust throat hit reminiscent of the old 50 nic Stlth pods. Each pack contains 3 x Stlth pods, featuring 2ml of e-liquid per pod, and proudly manufactured by Stlth. Unleash the exceptional performance of Stlth Vape devices with these exceptional pods, setting the standard for extraordinary vaping pleasure.

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