Introducing the STLTH X Pods, a revolutionary enhancement to your vaping pleasure! Crafted with a custom-designed absorbent material, these pods ensure a leak-free experience while delivering increased airflow for smoother and denser pulls.

The redesigned mouthpiece and improved aerodynamics create enhanced vapor production, complementing the full 2mL e-liquid capacity within the slightly larger tank. Witness a higher-positioned atomizer for a more robust flavor encounter, evident through the opening in the mouthpiece.

The darker appearance of the STLTH X Pods exudes a stealthier and edgier vibe, perfectly aligning with the STLTH brand. Worry not, as these upgrades do not impact their compatibility with your original STLTH vaping device.

Experience stronger flavor profiles and smoother vaping sessions, thanks to the optimized e-liquid formulas in STLTH X Pods. Elevate your vaping game with STLTH X, where innovation meets taste in perfect harmony.

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